3PM - 2AM Tuesday - Sunday

213 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0A4

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The Alley at Greta is open!

New on the Block

The same great menu you know at Greta Calgary, in a new light-filled space surrounded by amazing street art from some of our local friends.

Featuring some of Calgary's most influential street artists:

The Alley at Greta is a unique arts and culture extension to our already engaging arcade venue. Built in the spirit of Chicago back alleys or street bars in Tokyo, we combine street art and global street food in our open-air venue. Now recognized as an official arts organization, the space caters to visual and performing arts, just as much as it stands as a unique barcade. Sourcing some of Calgary’s most influential street artists, our venue hosts:

Jennie Vallis

Member of Big Kitty

Jennie Vallis is a mixed-race Calgary- based visual artist who’s the founder of a growing all-female-identifying arts collective called The Big Kitty Crew. WithBig Kitty Magazine, Jennie continues to build creative communities and showcase different slices of culture, digging deep for hidden gems and profiling these treasures in print and online.


Member of Big Kitty

Lone aka @lone.wolf.bench is an emerging graffiti artist who grew up obsessed with freight trains as she watched them rolling by out her bedroom window. Later in life, as she progressed through the early years of her web development career she fell in love with typography and letter forms. Her love of graffiti emerged as she realized quickly freight graffiti is the perfect combination of the two. Flexing letter pieces is a fun hobby, but her true passion lives in creating engaging public art instalments bringing together a diverse collection of Western Canada’s most amazing graffiti artists. Check out her @mixedmanifest Instagram for details on upcoming events.


Decades in the making and leader in street arts, Conz. Self-taught graffiti artist, Conz has been tagging for 25 years. Starting as an illegal Street artist, he has become a prominent influence within Canadian street art.


Rising duo Kerzeka, whose works combine realism and graffiti to create unique works across the Country.

Anna Kinderwater

Rising graphic designer and illustrator, Anna Kinderwater. Based out of Calgary, Alberta, her focus in her illustrative work is blending her interest of color and shape with her love for portraiture and representation, combining traditional concepts with a contemporary delivery, and exploring new mediums to represent the components.

Syd the Artiste

Sydonne Warren (Syd the Artiste) is a Contemporary Jamaican-Canadian Visual Artist who specializes in large-scale expressive paintings and murals. Her artwork often showcases a combination of high contrasted subjects, bold but straightforward colour pallets, and a mixture of expressive strokes, drips and rigid lines.Her themes reflect her experiences as a Jamaican-Canadian immigrant woman and mother. She uses her perspective to share her desire for the African diaspora to occupy, impact and own space.

Events at the Alley

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