Our ESG Strategy


Our goal // To achieve a net zero carbon footprint by 2030.

Where are we at so far?

  • Evaluating and Enhancing Sustainability Best Practices (i.e. merch program, seasonal menus, local suppliers)
  • Implementing Waste Management Strategies, Practices & Procedures (i.e Card recycling program, water waste reduction)
  • Leaders in energy efficiencies of construction build outs exceeding National Energy Codes standards (i.e LED lighting, energy efficient equipment, power usage regulators)

Our Environmental Future Focuses

  • Working towards obtaining Carbon Credits as we expand and enhance our current practices
  • Partner with “Save the Canadian Boreal”
  • Further development to our Energy Reduction Strategies

Social Strategy

Our Goal // To be an industry leader in community, inclusivity, and safety standards.

Where are we at so far?

  • Bi-annual diversity & inclusion training // partnering with local artists & talent
  • Currently donating 1% of all profits to community charities
  • Currently donating 2% of all profits in kind to community charities
  • Continuing our “No Assholes Allowed” mentality

Our Social Future Focuses

  • Raising the bar for inclusive practices in the hospitality industry

Governance Strategy

Our Goal // To be known as a brand of integrity across all Industries.

Where are we at so far?

  • Ethically sourcing our products
  • Localizing our supply chain wherever possible by using a variety of local vendors
  • Partnering with vendors who share our values and vision for a better future
  • Respectful workplace policies with zero-tolerance for non-compliance

Our Governance Future Focuses

  • Benchmark industry standards for health and safety
  • Expand our involvement on boards and advisory committees to a national level

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