Our ESG Strategy


Our goal // To achieve a net zero carbon footprint by 2030.
At GRETA, we recognize that we have a responsibility to make a positive impact and contribute to a sustainable future. We want to minimize our footprint and invest in people so there are nothing but good vibes for generations to come.

Where are we at so far?

  • Evaluating and Enhancing Sustainability Best Practices (i.e. merch program, seasonal menus, local suppliers)
  • Implementing Waste Management Strategies, Practices & Procedures (i.e Card recycling program, water waste reduction)
  • Leaders in energy efficiencies of construction build outs exceeding National Energy Codes standards (i.e LED lighting, energy efficient equipment, power usage regulators)
  • We print your receipt on EcoChit paper, a phenol-free (no BPA or BPS), fully recyclable and sustainably sourced receipt paper. A BC female-led brand, Ecochit is partnered with veritree, with each receipt paper case sale resulting in the planting of either trees or kelp, traceable and verified. Since partnering with EcoChit, GRETA has eliminated 58 single-use plastic cores, planted 116 trees, averted approximately 875 lbs of waste, and increased environmental awareness with each receipt.

Our Environmental Future Focuses

  • Working towards obtaining Carbon Credits as we expand and enhance our current practices
  • Partner with “Save the Canadian Boreal”
  • Further development to our Energy Reduction Strategies

Social Strategy

Our Goal // To be an industry leader in community, inclusivity, and safety standards.

Where are we at so far?

  • Bi-annual diversity & inclusion training // partnering with local artists & talent
  • Currently donating 1% of all profits to community charities
  • Currently donating 2% of all profits in kind to community charities
  • Continuing our “No Assholes Allowed” mentality

Our Social Future Focuses

  • Raising the bar for inclusive practices in the hospitality industry

Governance Strategy

Our Goal // To be known as a brand of integrity across all Industries.

Where are we at so far?

  • Ethically sourcing our products
  • Localizing our supply chain wherever possible by using a variety of local vendors
  • Partnering with vendors who share our values and vision for a better future
  • Respectful workplace policies with zero-tolerance for non-compliance

Our Governance Future Focuses

  • Benchmark industry standards for health and safety
  • Expand our involvement on boards and advisory committees to a national level

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